My husband loves motorcycles and everything about them. I asked him what he wanted for Christmas but he said nothing. I knew if I got him motorcycle gear he would be really happy with anything I got him. I started shopping around because I didn’t want to get him absolutely nothing for Christmas.

I went online and searched for motorcycle gear. I found several websites that had these types of items for sale. I visited them and browsed around to see what they had. I wanted to get him a few different things, but I wasn’t sure what. I looked at reviews and sales on the gear that I thought he may like. As I came across things I liked and thought he would like too, I saved them so I could back and look at them later. I also wanted to check in a few stores around here that carried motorcycle gear before I made my purchase. After work one day, I stopped into a motorcycle gear shop to browse their selection. I found lots of things I knew he would just love, but the prices were outrageous. I couldn’t believe the difference in their prices compared to the online retailers. As I browsed around, I knew that’s where I was going to be making my purchase.

Once I got home later that evening and was finally able to sit down without my husband around, I started browsing the websites again. I found one of the retailers online was offering free shipping and their prices were pretty good too. I went ahead and added the motorcycle gear I wanted to buy to the cart. Before I checked out, I wanted to check for any other coupons available for the website. I found one that was for an extra 15% off if I signed up for their emails. I planned on doing that anyways because I liked the store. I went ahead and entered my email information and got the code in the welcome email. I entered it into the coupons box so I could save more. I was pretty excited I would be able to save even more money. I placed the order and it gave me the estimated delivery date which was only in a few days.

A couple days went by and I received the order. Luckily, I was able to get to it before my husband did. I think everything looks great and I’m sure he will love it.